About Us

Coconut Oil Store products have been developed from a personal need, the need for products that actually nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin. After a year of development, voluntary consumer testing is there "coconut oil". Our products arose from the desire for new, better and safer products.

Under no circumstances will Coconut Oil Store let you burst. Take them with you to work, to a festival, on a holiday in the sun and winter sports. Drink till the last drop, dance till the light, bathe in the sun as long as you want. You have Coconut Oil, so you are protected. Enjoy carefree is your priority, just like that of many other users. Everywhere.

At Coconut Oil Store, we want the best for you and me, and the planet. Your beautiful gesture starts every day with a small choice. The choice for durability. Coconut Oil Store's choice. This is who we are and what we stand for.